Fakarava Part Trois ~ Katelyn

The dads helping the kids set up their hammocks for a night on the beach

We spent another two weeks at the same anchorage learning how to kite board. I was finally able to get up on the board and go for about five minutes. Seahorse, our friends we met in Galapagos, came and we had them over for dinner. The next day, their friends arrived, and we went wake boarding behind the dinghy. Michael got up on his first try and I got up on my third. We planned to sleep on the beach, (I know I said I hated it, but I got a better hammock to sleep in). Michael put a tarp over where we were sleeping so it was much better when it rained. The next day, we slept on the beach again, but this time a lot more kids came. We slept almost the whole day after that. Over the weeks, we had a pig roast (we watched as the pig was going to get cooked, it was horrible). I had more kite boarding lessons, and we went wake boarding again. We had dinner on Seahorse once and attempted to make a movie but gave up five minutes into it. My parents and brother went diving at the south pass one time, while I stayed home with four other girls on my boat. 

After our two weeks in that anchorage, we left for the main town, Rotoava. We saw our friends Queen ,and I went into town with my friends Linn and Leah to buy some ice cream. We got a lot of groceries and did some things on the internet while we were there, and I met new kid boats named Maple and Vega. Over all, it wasn’t an exciting three weeks and I was getting sick of Fakarava.

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