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Home, Sweet Home ~ Katelyn

After our work in Trinidad, we were ready and excited to visit everyone. We got a taxi to the airport at one in the morning. We were tired but full of adrenaline (at least I was). We had no trouble in any airports, except for Houston. We brought an apple on the plane and apparently that was illegal.

The kids asleep in the car after the all-night flight home

We rented a car and drove to Corpus Christi, Texas. We got there around 12:00 pm and met up with our old neighbors, Cat and Burton. We played in a pool for almost four hours, and when we came back, we rode in the bed of the truck. We spent the night at my grandma’s house. For a week we were visiting friends and family in Corpus. We took my friends to a roller skating rink that we used to go to when I lived there.

Katelyn roller skating with her friends in Corpus

After our week was up, we headed to College Station, close to Austin. We stayed with my friend, Izzy. When we got there, we decided to get our ears pierced. We went to the mall and got them pierced together. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life (and I’ve been through an earthquake). We stayed up most of the night watching movies and playing games.

Katelyn and her friend, Izzy, after piercing their ears

The next day, we left for Austin. My dad spent the night with his friend, Jason, while we went to my other grandma’s house. We stayed there playing with the dogs, cats, chickens, donkey, horse, and sheep. At about 10 at night, my allergy medicine stopped working. We had to leave because I am allergic to cats and dogs. We left and went to my mom’s friend, Lisa’s, house. We spent the night there.

Our friends in Dallas

The next day, we left for Dallas. We stayed at our friends’ house and saw the dog we named our boat after, Rondy. He went crazy after he realized who we were. We stayed there for two nights then took a plane to Omaha. We got picked up by my other grandma and grandpa, and we stayed at their house for a week. While we were there, we did lots of fun stuff. We went to the zoo, movies, Locked Room, and Sushi restaurants. At the zoo, I fed giraffes and felt their tongue! At the locked room, we were two seconds late, but we still figured it out by ourselves. After our week was up, we took a plane back to Dallas.

After spending one night with our friends in Dallas, we went to Austin to stay with my uncle and cousins for a week.  While we were there, I went to my first concert, Imagine Dragons.  It was so much fun.  My aunt and cousins from Chicago also came to visit, and we all went to visit my grandpa and grandma.

After Austin, we stopped by our friends in College Station one more time and then spent another 4 or 5 days in Corpus.  We said goodbye to all of our family and friends, stocked up on all the things we can’t find in the Caribbean, and headed back to Trinidad.

Trinidad ~ Michael

After Grenada, we arrived at Trinidad and Tobago. We headed in and there was a weird current pulling us in the channel. At the same time, millions of pelicans were diving in the water and catching fish. I begged my mom to let me fish but she was too tired and it was 6 in the morning. We came in and got a mooring ball. 

IMG_8948The next week went on the hard which means we got pulled out of the water and put on land. Here, we can do all the repairs we need. Every morning, I collected mangos. I would eat 4 mangos a day for breakfast. We stayed for a couple of weeks and then got in a plane and went to America to see our family. Katelyn will write about the trip in the next blog. 

Rondo on the hard

Once we got back, we started to get back to work. We started our home school, painted the boat, got new sails, and fixed a whole bunch of other small stuff. Our two friend boats that had been traveling with us arrived, and we were back together again. 

After we got back in the water, we got sick of Chaugaramas (the harbor we were in) and went to Scotland Bay. I caught loads of fish, and I cooked it too. We have been traveling back and forth between the harbors to get a break. 

Mike being pulled on the paddle board by a friend

We took a tour through Port of Spain. After that, we got struck by lightning and we had to stay for a while longer replacing all our electronic equipment.

Trinidad ~ Katelyn

We arrived in Trinidad early morning after a nice, easy sail. We waited for Pura Vida to come in, so we could check in together. We checked in and then ate breakfast together at a cafe right next door. It was the first time in months that I had waffles. We had a quite day resting from the long passage. The next day we took it easy again.

IMG_8948Then, we invited Heyward and Katie to come with us to an abandoned leper colony. We got there at about 10:00 am and played on the paddle boards. We watched movies and did the gung gung swing. We had lots of fun. The next day we left and headed back. In two days Pura Vida was going to head back to the States so we invited them to come for dinner. While we were playing, Hayward fell through a hatch.

The next day, we did nothing except work. Pura Vida left the next day. We took out the port side air conditioner and fixed the salon one that day. We were going to haul out in a few days so we needed to be ready. We did lots of work and then hauled our boat out at Peake’s. It looked so weird when it was being lifted out of the water. We had decided to stay on the boat while it was on the hard and had an air conditioner installed, so we wouldn’t die. We had to walk a mile to go to the restroom. We worked for two weeks and picked mangos off the mango trees and roller skated. We were ready to head for the States.

After we got back from the States, Pura Vida was already back. We played with them at Peake’s and had lots of fun. We met a new kid, Keanu, and played with him too. The next few days we played and worked. Then, it was Katie’s birthday so we were going to celebrate at a restaurant. While Katie, Michael, and I were walking towards the restaurant alone, the masts and rigging started shaking. I thought it was a gust of wind until the ground started shaking too. We ran in the middle of the boatyard road with our hands over heads aware that an earthquake was happening. We watched as stilts that were holding boats up started to fall down. When we thought it was over, Katie and I started running, trying to find our parents. As we were running, the ground started shaking again, and we wiped out. When we were sure it was over, we got up and found our parents. My heart was racing, and I didn’t trust the earth anymore.  The restaurant that we were going to was damaged and had moved a whole inch forward. The side walk at Peake was cracked open. We decided to have dinner on Rondo. Katie and Heyward slept over that night.

We stayed in Trinidad just working, playing , eating, and sleeping. Then Pura Vida decided to leave. We had to wait for our freezer to be fixed, so we would be a few days behind them. Then, we finally fixed our freezer. We were also getting new anchor chain, and then we could leave. Michael and I were staying on our boat while Mom and Dad got the chain. While we were on the boat, a storm came. We heard a really loud clap of thunder and smelled smoke. We looked around and saw that a boat next to us had been struck by lightening. All of our instruments were fried. We waited two more weeks for parts and got our rigging replaced. Then we left Trinidad, finally after 4 months!

St. Vincent & the Grenadines ~ Katelyn

After we left St. Lucia with Britican, we headed toward St. Vincent. When we got there, five different people came rowing up to us on homemade kayaks. They helped us find a good place to anchor and then helped us check into the country. Two boys came by our boat and asked for food and fishing line. We gave them big candy bars and Cokes. They were pretty happy with those. We bought some delicious bread from another guy and passion fruit from another. We stayed there for the night and left for another anchorage the next day. We did a Med-mooring, which is where you drop your anchor and back up to shore to tie a rope around a tree on shore. We  were so close to Britican that all we had to do was jump in the water and we were there. We all swam and played catch. By catch, I mean the dads throw a ball in the air and the kids jump off the boat and try to catch it mid-air. We had dinner on Britican that night. The next day, we went to take a tour  of some waterfalls. We took two different vans. We saw nice views of the island on the way. While we were hiking, our guide told us about all different types of plants on the island. He even showed us one that was sensitive to the touch. If you touched it the leaves would close up. It was amazing. When we got to the waterfall, we swam in the freezing water. After a couple of days, we decided to leave St. Vincent. 

We headed toward Bequia, where there was supposed to be clear water. When we got there, we noticed other kids. We played with them and met other kid boats too. The next day, there were 8 kid boats in the area. All the kids got together on the beach and played infection, tag, monkey in the middle, Marco Polo, etc. We found a rock we could jump off of and then the parents had a BBQ on the beach. We all had a blast. Since their were two Siennas, we called the one from Britican “The Little Sausage.” We stayed in Bequia for a week playing with all the kid boats. 

After we left Bequia, we headed for Grenada. We stayed in Grenada for three nights while we played with kids. Then we left with Pura Vida to Trinidad and Tobago.