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Klein Curacao & Aruba ~ Katelyn

IMG_9882After leaving Bonaire with our friends La Nature, we went to Klein Curacao. When we got there, we noticed it looked a lot like Bonaire. It had a deep ledge around the island, and the island was flat and sandy. We played with our friends at the beach while all the parents hiked to the two shipwrecks and the light house. Klein Curacao was uninhabited (unless you count tourists who are always on the island) and very quite on certain parts of the beach. We had dinner together on our boat that night.

IMG_9922The next day, we went snorkeling around the deep drop off. We saw lots of flounder and barracuda. Just swimming to the beach we saw rays, an octopus, puffers, and more. We went hiking with just the kids to see the lighthouse and wrecks that afternoon. We walked all the way to the top of the lighthouse, instead of finding spiders crawling on the abandoned walls of the lighthouse, we found hermit crabs clinging to the walls. We hiked to the tanker that crashed on the rocks and saw basically a giant piece of rusted metal. We hiked to the other small sailboat and climbed around in it. A dog followed us back to the beach and sat in the water while we played monkey in the middle. Michael felt bad for him and threw our only skip ball in front of him. He stared at it like he couldn’t believe his eyes, then grabbed it and took off running. He ran all the way to the other side of the island, which is about a mile or two, while Michael was chasing him. Michael finally got it back, and we left that evening for Aruba. We skipped Curacao because we heard there was a lot of crime there. 

IMG_9924It was an overnighter, and we were exhausted when we finally made it to Aruba. We had to dock at the customs dock so we made our way over there. Once we got there, it started raining. The wind picked up and one of our lines came loose while we were trying to dock. We raked against the dock and scratched our boat pretty badly. After we left the dock, we met up with our friends Ohana and La Nature and played on the beach. The next day, we did school and played board games on our boat with everyone. We ended up having dinner on La Nature and I accidentally dropped a fork in the water. The next day, Michael and I went to look for the fork under their boat. We found it and then played with La Nature on the mat. We decided to go to a big inflatable park with them for an hour. We had lots of fun. They gave us an extra hour for free for some reason.

IMG_9969The next day, we went to the customs dock to clear out. We docked well this time and cleared out. We went back to the anchorage to wait for all our friends to clear out. Once everyone was officially checked out of Aruba, we headed towards Columbia, South America!

Bonaire ~ Michael

Mikey caught several fish on the way to Bonaire

Once we left Bequia, we put out some fishing lines. The first thing we caught were two small jacks. After that, a squall came and ripped a small whole in our spinnaker sail. It took a lot of work to get it down. Then, a huge wahoo bit our lure. It jumped out of the water, and it looked bigger than me! Unfortunately, it got off, and we lost the fish. The next day we caught another jack. The day after that a huge fish, bigger than the last, bit our big lure. It could have been a blue marlin, a bluefin tuna, or a swordfish. Finally, we caught 2 mahi mahi just before we got to Bonaire.

GLTXvybaTTaO+U5EMUkzXwIt was Katelyn’s birthday. We met ten new kids. Our grandma came to visit while we studied to get certified for scuba diving. She stayed for 1 week. We rented a car and drove to the other side of the island. I rode in the back of the truck. We had a picnic, and the iguanas ate some of our food.  Also, I found a ten dollar bill under a rock. No one was anywhere near us, so I kept it. Once Mamoo left, we got certified for diving. A day of diving went by, and then we left.

Having lunch in the south part of Bonaire

St. Vincent & the Grenadines ~ Katelyn

IMG_9585After Grenada and the Halloween party, we headed for Union Island in St. Vincent. We went to a place called Chatham bay. We met up with our friends Vela and had drinks at the bar there. We saw some goats just walking on the beach butting dogs when they got in their way.

SnapseedThe next day, we did schoolwork and hung around the boat. We went to a resort for happy hour and found two week old puppies. We played with the puppies the whole time and met some kids who lived on their super yacht. They had a 136 ft. super yacht called “No Buoys.” We played with them and Britican.

IMG_9606The next day, we were going on a hike to another town. Two dogs followed us half way. When we got into town, we had some lunch and ice cream. After hiking all the way there, we decided there was no way we were hiking back. We called a taxi to take us back. Once back on the beach, Sienna and I went to the resort to play with the pups. That night, Sienna had a sleepover on No Buoys while we had a lazy night on Rondo.

IMG_9608The next day, we played with the puppies and then left that afternoon. We went to Petit St. Vincent that afternoon and met Purina and Britican at the resort there. We got piña coladas and free popcorn. We also got to watch a movie because it was movie night at the resort. They also had live lobster in a tank that you could touch.

fullsizeoutput_15a0We headed to the Tobago Cays the next day. At the Tobago Cays we swam and played with Purina and Britican. We had dinner together and invited Temerity. The next day, we went snorkeling for lemon sharks, but the current was super strong so we weren’t able to go far from the dinghy. We decided to swim 3 miles to another island (felt like 3 but I’m pretty sure it was 1). When we were swimming back to the boat, we saw Delos pull into the harbor. If you have no idea who Delos is, they are people who are famous in the sailing world. We said hi and then continued playing.

After, a few days at the Tobago Cays we went to Bequia. In Bequia we had drinks at the beach with Britican, Ohana, No Buoys, and Purina. I ended up having a movie night on Britican with all the girls while the boys had a sleepover on Purina. The next day, we were celebrating my birthday. At 1 in the afternoon, we inflated our mat and anchored it close to the beach. We had a party on the beach and went tubing. We went out for dinner at a pizza place with Britican and Purina.

IMG_9680The next day, we left all our friends and headed on a three day passage to the island of Bonaire.

In memory of our time with Britican and Purina, we will miss you.

Grenada ~ Michael

After Trinidad, we headed for Grenada. We caught a barracuda on the way there. Once we arrived we met up with our boat friends from Florida. We where supposed to meet in Bimini (the first island of the Bahamas), but they got delayed over and over again and got to Grenada after we were already in Trinidad. We stayed there for a wile playing board games and paddle boarding.

Our friends from Dallas

After spending a couple of days with them, we went to another by to meet up with some other friends. We played at the boat while the parents went to a different boat. We played a board game that I made in the BVI. While the parents where at the other boat (Britican), I caught 2 snapper.

Mikey getting ready to jump off a pretend sunken mast at a nearby marina.

After a few days, we headed back to Prickly Bay for a Halloween party.  There were over 50 boat kids at the party.  I dressed up as a unicorn again, and Katelyn made a costume that looked like she was beheaded and carrying her head around.  After a party on the beach, all the kids traveled in dinghies from boat to boat trick-or-treating.  Then, all the kids played on our boat while the adults were on the next boat.  It was a lot of fun.

The next morning, we headed for St. George. We went to town and we stopped at a fruit stand that sold all local fruit. After that, we went to the fish market. That had barracuda, black fin tuna, yellow fin tuna, rainbow runner, snapper, shark, grouper, and creveli jack. We didn’t get any because we promised dinner with an old friend.  The next day we went to the Rhonde island.