Samana and Puerto Rico ~ Katelyn

After we left Luperon, we went to Samana. It was an overnight sail and was really good until the fire. When we passed by a giant fire on the coastline, the sea got choppy and was very rough. Once we were around it though, it got super calm.

At Samana, we met up with Britican, who was planning to go to Puerto Rico. We stayed at a really nice marina with two pools. We liked riding up and down the elevator. One day, Katie and I scared our friends on accident and they screamed, so we (the kids) got kicked out of the resort (unless our parents were with us). After that, we started playing in the kid club more often. They had paints, Play Doh, board games, TV, and lots of other things. We also ate out lunch and got pizza!

After a few days at the marina, we left to the nature park. At the park we went to a cave with indian paintings on it. Then, we went to another cave that was just a cave with bats! They squeaked like crazy! The next day, we went to a resort with waterfalls. We went on a little hike and then jumped in the resort pools. There was also a fun water slide and places to jump.

That day, we went back to Samana. The anchorage was too deep, so we stayed there for just long enough to check out of the country. Then, we went to a different anchorage that was rolly. That night, we had everyone over for dinner and had spaghetti. We left late that night for Puerto Rico.

The trip to Puerto Rico was like glass. It was so calm and smooth. We caught a marlin, too. It was so big, but we were able to get it up to the boat before it broke off. We also hooked a mahi, but it was foul hooked and got off before we could get on board. We caught another mahi, and this time we were able to get it on board. We also spotted some pilot whales, and they swam right up to our boat, and we saw a humpback whale off in the distance. It was really neat.

The trip was so long. it took two nights and one day to get there, But we made it! YAY!!! We are in Puerto Rico!

Turks and Caicos to Dominican Republic ~ Michael

We haven’t typed a blog in a while, I am sorry. We were super busy jumping waterfalls and catching giant tuna and sword fish. Just kidding about the fish, but we did jump waterfalls.

After we left Provo, we went to Big Sand Cay. At the first sight of land, we saw whales. There were two pods of them. They splashed their tails out of the water and blew their spouts. After seeing the whales, a big pod of dolphins started jumping at the bow. We got to shore and explored the beach. There was a ton of good drift wood, and the rock formation was cool. There was a big bird (some kind of hawk) and a ton of lizards. The sand had the perfect texture to dig, so we dug some holes and put the drift wood in so that it was standing up.

The next day, we left the island and we did not see anything except a pod of whales. We had our fishing lines out, but did not catch anything. Once we got to Dominican Republic, we checked in and rested at Luperon Harbor. The water was super cloudy and there was no life. There were birds though, and the mountains were nice.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the marina. There were two puppies that always go there everyday, and they were half a foot long. They were funny. After that, we met a kid boat that had French Canadians that could not speak English. We all went to the waterfalls. There were 27 waterfalls that you walked through, slid down, or jumped, and there was one fall that was 20 feet high. Half of the people did not jump off it. My mom, dad, and I jumped. The rest of the waterfalls were cool but not as fun. One guy ran, jumped, and landed on the scariest slide. We enjoyed the waterfalls so much, we went again when our friends on Pura Vida came (this time, everyone jumped off the high waterfall).

In Dominican Republic, they grow all of their fruits and vegetables and there are so many trucks driving around with fresh food. There are cows walking around on the sidewalk, dogs on roofs, people walking around with machetes, and kids on motorcycles. Everything is cheap, so we stalked up on food. I bought ingredients for cookies and baked some. I sold snicker doodles and inside out chocolate chip cookies (each dozen for $4). I earned $13. We left with our friends on Pura Vida to Samana in Dominican Republic.

Mayaguana to Turks and Caicos ~ Katelyn

We left Acklins and headed to Mayaguana. We had an overnight sail, but no one got sick, luckily. Our buddy-boat, Marvyn, lost their steering, so we had to anchor in the closest anchorage. The anchorage was really rough, so we didn’t plan on staying there long. Once Marvin fixed their steering, We left at about 2:00 pm to another, more protected anchorage . We got to the anchorage later, and there were starfish everywhere. We checked out of the country the next day and got groceries.

We left that day to Turks and Caicos. On the way, we caught a cero mackerel. Then, a tuna bit our hook. We reeled him in as fast as we could, but the shark was faster. We reeled what was left of the tuna on board and even saw the shark swim away! My Dad was so upset. We caught some barracuda, and when we tossed one back, we watched the shark attack the barracuda.

When we arrived at Turks and Caicos, we decided to wait and check in Monday. Later that day, a police boat came and told us we had to check in tomorrow. So, the next day, we took a ride up to Immigration, but no one was there! We waited till Monday to check in. On Monday, we checked in and rented a car. In Turks and Caicos, they drive on the left-side of the road. The steering wheel and all the controls in the car were on the opposite side of the car, so every time Dad tried to turn, he turned the windshield wipers on instead of the blinker. It was funny.

We did a bunch of shopping that day and ate out for lunch. When we were done, we played at the beach. There was a crevice in a rock that we went through. We walked all the way through the crevice and saw three lobster and some fish. We headed back to the boat after that. The next day, we didn’t really do anything except hang around on the boat. After that, we played basketball in the morning. We played on the playground and in a cabana on the beach. The next day, we went shopping with our friends from Marvyn. We went to a marine store first, and then we went to eat lunch at this amazing Greek restaurant. Next, we went to a place and had ice-cream while we used their internet to download books and other things. We did a little souvenir shopping and then took a tour of the island on a very, very, very, very, very, very, very smooth road. Just kidding! It was extremely rough with tons of potholes, but we made it out alive with Mrs. Erin’s great driving. The next few days we just played on the beach and at the basketball court.

Conception to Acklins Island ~ Michael


After long island, we left to Conception Island. It is a wildlife preserve and does not allow fishing. We thought it would be full of life. The beach was cool, and there were a ton of cool shells, but of course, we could not keep any. The next day, we went up the river and we saw a lot of jacks and sea turtles. Then, we went reef snorkeling. The reef was dead, but the rock structure was amazing. The coral was 20 feet tall. We didn’t see much but saw a huge tiger grouper (which is a great fish to eat) and a spiny lobster (also really great to eat). We liked Conception, but we were disappointed with the amount of life there.

The next island was Rum Cay, and no, Mom did not like it the best. Fishing is allowed, but we did not catch anything, and I do not recommend fishing there.  We only stayed there one night.

We wanted to make it to Mayaguana from Rum Cay (there is no “your iguana”). It would take 31 hours to go straight there. We headed out and sailed day and night through rough weather.

We decided to stop at Acklins Island instead of going all the way to Mayaguana. The fishing was great. The first day, our friends caught a cero (a type of fish) and gave it to us. Then, I caught three jacks and we had fish dinner. Then, after multiple unsuccessful fishing trips, we caught two lobster and a tiger grouper (really hard to catch and really tasty to eat). I made awesome lurers out of chocolate wrappers that are shiny gold. They did not catch anything except some small grouper and almost a baracuda. The same day, we made a conch horn and found another conch shell that is perfect and ready to be made into a horn. We built a house on the beach out of sand and cracked coconuts open with conch shells and sticks. We went on a hike to a blue hole, but never found it. There was a dark cave filled with bats. We could hear bats squeaking. We shined a flashlight at the roof of the cave and could see lots of small bats in holes. This morning some nice fishermen/builders came by and told us where too fish.